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I heard a fact today. The scientific world who has just discovered that human’s capacity for both sympathy and empathy increases as we age. I would like to say I read this fact, but the truth is that I heard … Continue reading

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The Spectrum Club of West Jefferson High

One The air conditioning vent was behind and above Dr. Berger’s head, so Katie could look at it instead of at the bearded school counselor who was looking at her too intently. Another bonus: there was a small piece of … Continue reading

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White Lie

They saw it coming. They said it was going to be the biggest snowstorm in twenty years. Just as the blue-white flakes began to fall, I gingerly climbed into the car, cradling my pregnant belly in my hands, and headed … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

I am sitting at a McDonalds on Rt. 1, because I made the mistake of telling my four year old that if he did not complain at Home Depot and the shoe store and the sewing machine repair place, I … Continue reading

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The Soup Whisperer

I make this soup. It’s not really one kind of soup; it’s any; it’s many. It starts out the same every time, but it ends up different if I want it to, and I know how to make it because … Continue reading

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A Doll Named Jesse Rose

I wrote this–mainly in the carpool line–for Molly, who is eight at the time of this writing. She has been in love with both clothes and dolls since she was a toddler. She doesn’t care much what is in fashion … Continue reading

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The Way Home

What she would remember, years later when she thought about that time, was the synthetic smell of watermelon.  The occupational therapist who came to her house weekly to play with Ben had suggested water in a bottle, which Ben could … Continue reading

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