Here are some amateur video recordings, which have made me realize I should not try to be a movie star; the camera does not love me. These have not been tweaked in any way. CDs with other selections available upon request.

“Ave Maria” (Bach-Gounod)

For all the brides-to-be who want an Ave Maria and can’t remember what “the Bach one” sounds like. This is what it would sound like at your wedding. This is not what I would look like at your wedding; the camera really did add ten pounds. I’m positive. I…hope.

“Where Are the Simple Joys of Maidenhood?” (Lerner/Loewe)

“Art Is Calling For Me (I Want to Be a Prima Donna)” (Herbert/Smith)

This recording is just a rehearsal, but I performed this at the Little Theater of Alexandria in 2012 and had a blast, even changed into a Renaissance dress while singing, and stabbed myself with a toy knife on the high note at the end. Can’t find the recording of the actual show.

“If I Loved You” (Rodgers/Hammerstein)

Just a good song for a soprano, and a favorite of my parents.