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My first short fiction piece was in fourth grade. The title was Balloon Friendship, and I remember that it was about a lonely orphan who puts a message in a balloon and sends it up to the sky, where it is discovered by another lonely orphan who longs for a sister. You will never guess this, but at the end, they become sisters! It was sappy and corny and I don’t know how I explained the orphan’s easy access to helium, but I enjoyed writing it very much. My wonderful teacher, Mrs. Kilborn, wrote a little note on the cover that said, “THIS is what you are good at. Wr iting. This is YOUR THING and I hope you write more of these.” I never, ever forgot that, so Mrs. Kilborn is in part responsible for this blog. I no longer own some of my pieces but here are a few I am fond of.

Dorothy’s Party

They had chosen Kate to come get her and take her to mass, because her sons were too embarrassed to come into her room anymore. They waited in the lobby. Kate was  Joe’s wife, she reminded herself. His new wife, … Continue reading

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The Way Home

What she would remember, years later when she thought about that time, was the synthetic smell of watermelon.  The occupational therapist who came to her house weekly to play with Ben had suggested water in a bottle, which Ben could … Continue reading

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That Certain Something

Debbie Simms turned fourteen the year that her father died and she got fat. That is how she would always remember it: the year my dad died and I got fat. Her mother, Janice, said that it was hormonal, that it … Continue reading

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